After publishing a blog post called “Constructing, Managing, and Working with a Board of Directors” in January, I received a lot of outreach from current and prospective CEOs who shared with me that they’re experiencing many of the same questions and concerns that I raised in my post.

Because of this overwhelming response, I wanted to get another perspective on the matter, and specifically wanted to target somebody who has decades of experience as both a CEO and Board member. That person is Kent Weaver, who I was fortunate enough to interview for this episode.

Kent began his career as an acquisition entrepreneur himself, and has since invested in over 150 search funds and 80 operating businesses, serving on over 25 boards across a wide variety of industries.

Given Kent’s depth of experience, I thought he’d make a great resource for any current or prospective CEOs who might be wrestling with the same questions and concerns that we all seem to wrestle with, particularly when we’re relatively new to the position of CEO.

Please enjoy!