Hi Everyone,

I'm working on helping a kayak manufacturing company raise some capital and I am going to help them restructure. The Company does about $1.3 million in revenue and has an average gross profit margin of 56%. They are roughly at break even and I'm obviously working on figuring out where I can cut some SG&A costs.

As we go into next year they have made some product innovations and they are expecting $2.0 million in revenue and a 20% EBITDA margin. The business is very under managed and with the right focus I think we can create some great growth opportunities.

We are looking for about $500,000 in working capital to help them get current on payables and provide some growth capital. It could be some type of debt, equity, or debt with warrants. I'm looking for any banks that you think might be interested or even any potential investors you may know of. It's not a large check size, and their books are not great, as I'm sure you've come across in some other small businesses.

If anyone has interest, knows anyone who may be interested, or have any ideas for getting this funded, please let me know. My email is [redacted] and cell phone is[redacted].