Hello All - I just joined searchfunder and would like to introduce myself and my new project which I think may be very relevant for this group.

My background is in public equity investing and investment banking. Since 2014 I have taken the entrepreneurial road by starting an alternative data consulting company which I sold in###-###-#### Since then I started a legaltech SaaS, a newsletter, and a marketplace. I think the newsletter and marketplace may be relevant for this group.

The Business Inquirer - a free weekly Substack newsletter where I highlight interesting online business acquisition opportunities. I basically go through new business listings on the most popular broker platforms and highlight ones that look interesting to me. I also add my own commentary. This is a passion project that enables me to learn about acquisitions. I know many in this group already subscribe. https://thebusinessinquirer.substack.com

DueDilio - the world's first due diligence marketplace. We connect business buyers and investors to vetted on-demand due diligence professionals. Think UpCounsel/Catalant but for due diligence. We just launched a few weeks ago and have grew to 70+ experts and have facilitated over 10 due diligence requests. A user actually suggested that I join searchfunder and introduce the platform.

DueDilio is completely free to use but of course, you'll have to pay the due diligence experts. We're growing quickly and I'd like to invite everyone to check out the platform at https://www.duedilio.com. Share any feedback you may have. Apply to join our expert network or submit a request if we can help with due diligence.

I'm looking forward to participating in this community and please don't hesitate to ping me if I can help with anything.