Seeking capital.
My wife and I were denied from the SBA express program twice due to a lack of collateral and liquidity. We have a contract set out with the purchase agreement details; however, I have to find financing soon, or else he will sell the company to someone else. My wife and I have 10% of the sale price. The company could be bought earlier than the estimated close date if I were to push it with financing approval. The company has a Net profit of around 100k, and it brings in a little over 300k a year gross. I have a business degree from Embry-Riddle, and I have been working in this industry for four years. I know just about everything there is to it. I have been managing this company's warehouse for two years, and I know the business model very well, which I plan to continue using. I could really use some help acquiring the finances to make this transaction possible. Thank you for your time. -Jacob

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Port Orange, FL, USA
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