Grammer and Logo Humor

Being grammatically challenged means I need assistance. My wife suggested Grammarly, so I added it to my browser. Using AI to correct my grammar will certainly help, and maybe eventually I will improve. It’s free for the basic tool, and if you pony up $144 for a year you can get more help. I updated my website to reflect the advice given, and I think it is quite a bit more powerful than the built-in grammar checker in MS Word or LibreOffice. There are other alternatives such as:

GrammarLookup a free copy and paste option that looks like its backend is Grammarly, but you don’t have to sign up for a free account to use it

LangauageTool is only $60/year, but they also have a free version, so really a direct competitor of Grammarly

After placing them in direct head-to-head on the text above, it appears that LangaugeTool is slightly better, as it found 3 things that Grammarly did not. I did see some reviews saying the Safari version of Grammarly, which is what I am using, has some glitches, so that might explain the difference. Either way, I think for now I am going to stick with the free versions of both. It gets me 95% of the way there and preserves capital for other expenses. I updated my website which mostly involved moving commas around as you can see, it is an improvement.

Sleepy Creek Capital

And since you made it this far, I thought I would share some logo humor with you. Below are two logo designs that I tried to do on my own with the wonderful Inkscape program before I decided to use Canva as discussed here. So bad it’s funny.