Website content and examples

Looking for examples on Google of other business acquisition searcher websites was fruitless. Am I the only one who thinks Google, Bing, and all the search engines are becoming less and less useful?

I had heard of and that most searchers had an account, so I joined. It is $79/month to be a member, but it is free if you post one post per month. This model really keeps lots of people communicating on it. I found this website to be super useful, but somewhat intimidating. There are just so many useful posts, and replies, that if not careful I could become consumed in reading and learning for the next 6 months.

I found a post looking for examples and went through the entire thread. I also spent time on each of the 50 websites that were listed as examples, that I will list below. Furthermore, I realized roughly the outline of what should and shouldn’t be included on this website that will be given to business brokers and business owners.

Should include:

Background Experience leading Businesses of interest criterion Contact details A picture or a few pictures of me Should not include:

Job style CV or resume None of my copious amounts of pithy humor Long prose or full life story from conception to the last thing I ate The idea is to stand out, but not in a bad way. My rough draft of the story of my background and experience, portions of the website are:

My name is Jordan Novgrod and I am looking to acquire a successful business in the South Eastern United States where I can apply my strengths as a leader to continue the legacy of the founder of said business. I formed Sleepy Creek Capital to be the vehicle used to perform the search.

I bring my own capital and depending on the size may also bring in outside investors, but will always maintain control. I plan to buy, own, and operate the business until I am ready to retire.

I was born in Mississippi, and lived in Louisiana, North Carolina, Maryland, and West Virginia. I have family in Florida, Georgia, and Virginia. My roots are in the South East, although I did live in Ohio as a kid for a number of years as well. My first job was at six years old picking fruit and vegetables for a local farmer, and I got paid by the pound, so it was a win-win situation. Then at the age of ten I started roofing with a family friend. I was paid by the square, so it was again a win-win situation. All through high school I worked home construction including plumbing, electric, septic, carpentry, etc. I started my own business in college trying to sell home audio, which I ultimately decided to wind down and focus on school.

I am an honest American looking to buy an American business. I have a couple of Electrical Engineering Degrees from NC State University, and 17 years of experience leading folks at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

I lead by example, and have a willingness to learn from my crew. My marketing skills have enabled me to land multiple highly competitive Internal Research and Development Projects, as well as bring millions of dollars per year in business into The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. I successfully led teams up to 60 staff in size. I have been successful primarily by motivating and inspiring my staff to do good work, and then being honest with the results even when they weren’t what we wanted.

I am a persistent problem solver, which will enable me to adapt as necessary to sustainably grow the business.

I am devoting full time to the search for the right company. My wife and kids are fully behind me, and excited for this opportunity to help the great American economy.

Let me know what you think of this background description? Is it too long? Has my dyslexia manifested itself? Is there anything I should change anything? Either comment in the comment section below, or email me

Here is the list of other business searcher websites in no particular order: