Join us for the "Discover The Secrets of Financial Dealmakers and Dealbreakers" topic Thursday at 10 AM PST.

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Join the VASL team’s Live Webinar to learn more about successful search and growing your acquisition post-close, with a focus on Back office, Accounting and Bookkeeping Solutions.

-Tips from an experienced financial expert

-Impact of financial expertise to be successful in pre & post-close phases of search

-First-hand experience of a searcher working with with a BPO company

-Solutions to evaluate and mitigate financial risks involved in your targets

-Quick answers to your specific problem areas that you may have encountered in your past processes

-All the insider tips and tricks coming from a successful a searcher

VASL is your search journey partner. We’re here to 10 x your time and efforts!

The purpose of this webinar is to discuss your search journey and how we can help you with preparing for your search to managing and leading your business successfully.

The webinar will also reveal the secrets to successful acquisitions related to Back office, Accounting and Bookkeeping Solutions.

Our passion is to drive our customers’ business for success by taking all the pain on us while giving them time back to help them achieve their aspirations.