I and a few other searchers have formed a peer group to help each other with ETA. We're looking to add one or two new members. We meet monthly on zoom and have active Q&A and banter on Google Chat. We're member led and there are no fees.

DM me if you're interested in joining.

If you've been a part of a mastermind, or Entrepreneur's Organization (EO), YPO, WPO and similar groups, you're familiar with the value of a group like this. If not, this is a wonderful and valuable resource.


- Share experiences and best practices

- Investment committee style feedback on deals

- Live response to / discussion of timely issues via chat

- Knowledge sharing (e.g. offer terms, apps, data, etc.)

- Needs and leads (e.g. deal flow, financing, advisors, industry contacts, etc.)

- Assist with accountability and commitment

- Camaraderie


- Group of 4-7 searchfunders / ETAers

- Structured monthly meetings on zoom (afternoon of first Friday of each month)

- Active Google chat group

- Emergency / ad hoc calls

- No fees; member led

- Full time searchers only; not a networking group

- Non-competitive with each other (e.g. different geographic/industry focus)

DM me if you're interested in joining or have questions.