Regardless of what happens next, I have a weight lifted off my shoulders...sit back for a ride into some. Also please give some input on concerns/ethics.... When is it right to pursue a deal alone? Some details may be changed/altered out of respect for the parties - they're not bad people but slightly in over their heads.

For the last year, I have worked at an SF that has had three deals under consideration...I'm glad to be done but want to pursue a deal that is not exclusive-LOI. Am I justified? I feel a bit taken advantage of. Please read it and let me know.
- After seeing things going south I offered to pursue things on my own (the other two gentleman knew I planned to do my own search). This was only if both deals fell through ultimately. Even though I found the deal with my own personal search software ( I had been paying for things out of my own pocket - which was the first red flag). I came to this decision after about 8 months of searching, 6 being under LOI for a different company with no success)
- The NDA/Non-compete signed had zero consideration or money involved - they did not really structure it right as from the language it is not enforceable
- They did not understand deal, structure, terms, basic M&A stuff at all. I am not an exact expert either, but, I am not exaggerating when I say there are some things I had to train them on - like seller notes, debt, irr - this was another red flag.
- All of the investors (sbics/family offices) - know me, and pretty much only know me
- I did most of the strategy building / and ALL of the strategy for the deal I want to pursue
- I did all of the valuation, diligence, everything ETC - not exaggerating there -
- The last straw was during a meeting with a potential investor when one of the men in question, straight up lied (even if by accident) to a potential investor.
- There is more but this what I'm willing to write - sorry for any errors