I currently have a Social Media & PR agency and just acquired a small, white-label social media agency. I have been in talks with the owner of a social media growth agency (increase followers & engagements without using bots) that has expanded into UGC and TikTok Growth, as well as an evergreen online course.

My plan is to acquire this third company, create a power-house Social Media Growth Marketing agency and exit it 2-3 years.

For the newest acquisition, I am looking for either debt financing or a partner with a capital investment of $300-400k for up to 20% equity.
The seller listed at $850k, I submited an offer with the structure of 35-45% down payment ($300k-400k), 10-15% seller retained equity, and balloon-payment at the end of 3 years. - Total sales price should land around $750k, about###-###-#### 75x multiple on gross earnings.

I will take on the role of CEO/Operator.

I’m still working on the specifics depending on if I find financing vs investor. If you're interested, please send me a message or email me at --@----.com Thanks!