Since aggressively starting to search about 3 months ago, I have spoken to over 50 current, future and past acquisition entrepreneurs. Their stories and the lengths of their searches varied, but their warning to me was always the same. Prepare to be lonely.

Strange right? I was expecting to be told how challenging it is to find a business owner willing to sell or how hard it is to fund raise, but instead, I was consistently told that it is a lonely process. It makes sense. Unless you are searching with a partner, you are always working alone.

I thought back to other times in my life where I felt alone. Predictably, I never performed at my best when I was constantly feeling lonely.

Then I thought back to other times when I performed my best and made the most progress. I did my best when I had support. Support took many different forms over the years. Initially, it was school and sports. As an entrepreneur, it was forums (masterminds).

It is amazing having a group of people that know exactly what you are going through, because they are going through the same thing. There is a shared experience and a shared language.

So I figured I would join a searcher forum, but I couldn't find one. So, then I decided I would just start one myself. To test the idea I sent a cold email to 20 people, 12 of them expressed interest, 4 of them committed. We need 4 more.

Here is the application:

It is not a formal application, I need to know locations / timezones to coordinate meetings. The only requirement is that you are actively searching.

If you want to learn more about my experience with forums and why I am doing this, you can read more here:

Most common question thus far, "Will there be a fee?"

Surprising to me, most of the committed members want a fee. Why? We are making a commitment to each other. What is the best way to ensure that everyone takes it seriously? Charge. So there will be a nominal charge to keep everyone honest and committed to the group.