What are your thoughts on whether it is the right time to start the search full time or it is wise to wait to quit the job until things get back to normal? My main concern is that how to value the businesses in this period of abnormality, i.e. some businesses might have done much better in 2020 than they would have done in a regular time. So, the asking price would be based on 2020 EBITA multiples, but that EBITA is not sustainable in long run. On the other hand, some businesses might have done very poorly in 2020, and available one discount but how do we know whether these businesses will be able to recover post covid, esp. when there are still concerns of lockdown, etc. due to delta variant?

Any insight in this regard based on your observation from your search would be really helpful and much appreciated.

P.S.: I wish I could continue to search while keeping my day job, but the nature of my job doesn't allow enough time to make any significant progress on the search side, just by doing it on the evenings and weekends.