Do all great minds think alike?

As per the generally used terminology, I have notices some investors, intermediaries, buyers and sellers here referring to all kinds of construction activity as service sector. However, as per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction is a goods-producing sector, not a service sector. For example, extending that definition to landscaping sector, there are two distinct variations: landscape construction and landscape maintenance (service sector).

In my opinion, buying or selling, CapEx and OpEx, are mostly service sector activities. However, when funds are deployed in building something new from ground up, then it is manufacturing or construction, a goods-producing activity.

Based on your own experiences, I'm pretty sure that you have seen things manifest right in front of your eyes - examples of manufacturing, new infrastructure or construction, a goods-producing activity. You have come to understand the production and service aspects in all kinds of human endeavors all around you. Would you kindly contribute to this subject matter to clarify further and to enrich this community?

Please feel free to express your thoughts. Thanks for voicing your opinion!