Having worked for IRA custodians for more than five years, I have educated and assisted more than a thousand clients and prospects in utilizing their IRA accounts for private investments. Over this period, I became increasingly aware of a growing knowledge gap that hasn't been adequately addressed by financial advisors, CPAs, attorneys, and even the custodians themselves. In my view, this gap exists because the parties involved both a) lack the experience needed to be able to confidently discuss this topic with their clients, and b) are fearful of triggering disciplinary action by regulators.

Yet I've also seen that most individuals are really seeking knowledge and information that can assist them in making their own decisions, rather than advice.

I founded SDIC Services, LLC, in mid-2020 as a means to try to close this gap in knowledge. I haven't yet come across a question that I can't answer, and I invite all Searchfunder members to raise their questions about self-directed IRAs and Solo 401(k)s either publicly or by private message to me and I'll do my best to help you discover the answer in a manner that avoids offering advice.

I hope that you, like me, are finding Searchfunder to be a valuable source of information and connections.

All the best,

Alan Johnson

Founder, SDIC Services, LLC