Hey everyone! I'm new here, so I'm not sure best place for this, so I thought I'd ask the question!

We are an e-commerce platform that offers custom products, made on demand at our facilities. We own the value chain, with the exception shipping (UPS, USPS, Fedex) and the inventory (blank shirts, hats, tumblers, etc.).

To this point, we've used our own cash to fund everything, including inventory purchases. But now, we are at a point where we either need an investor, LOC or both. Although we've been in e-commerce for many years (with exits) and my other partner has been in production for 20+ years, this was officially launched earlier this year (so traditional LOC don't seem to be an option).

We are NOT in shirts, which could nearly double our business based on our customer base. We have found a potential company to acquire, which is close to our facility, They've been around 20 years, are SBA pre-approved as well. They also do shirts, operate 5 brands and are in 200+ retailers. but struggle with where we are good: digital.

We were looking for someone before we found this potential acquisition, we were looking for an investor for our own growth plans (I can share pitch deck). However, this company would allow us to accelerate in some ways what we are doing.

With this possible opportunity, we have been thinking an investor could find this an attractive opportunity to join us while also feeling comfortable we are getting a historically strong company as well to bring in.

I'm not sure if this is a new deal or should be posted here. I"m open to any suggestions.

I appreciate you all!