Meru Venture Partners is actively seeking equity investors for an investment opportunity in the aerospace and defense industry. This is an LBO with senior debt already covered under favorable terms.

Select highlights are below: • $3M+ EBITDA for FY2020 • Above average EBITDA margins • Organic growth path to $25M by 2025 • Inorganic M&A roll-up opportunities identified • Superior “best in class” quality ratings (99% to 100%) • 20+ year customer relationships with strong, recurring business • Products manufactured to extremely tight tolerances and deployed on sea, air, and land systems.
Meru Venture Partners has developed a detailed investment thesis and growth strategy as well as financial models, and can make all necessary information available to interested parties following an NDA.
Interested parties should be comfortable with the defense industry, particularly companies who produce weapons systems employed by the U.S. military and foreign allies to maintain global order and promote international peace and security.
Please send expressions of interest to