My name is John Reid, and I am beginning a self-funded search for a small business to acquire. As a former military Engineer officer, I am considered a ‘non-traditional’ searcher, my proven superpower is in small group leadership. I look to join forces with investors and lenders, with a shared investment criteria and a willingness to close deals once sourcing is complete.

I invite experienced Searchers to direct message me as well, as I am always interested in meeting new people.

Personal Cliff Notes • I spent 10yrs as an Army Engineer Officer, specializing in Horizontal Construction and combat engineering. Think, the company-grade officer you call to do hard tasks! (loved it) • Served as a Secretary Award winning, Project lead for technology development in organic global supply-side traceability for the US Dept of Agriculture. • Executive Director & President of ESRA ( non-profit in Washington DC, managing 32,000 gross retail space in downtown Washington DC and Maryland. Along with operating 3 small business, 9 employees and 11 board members. In the 4 years of leading the organization, our annual revenue has grown three-fold. Generating more revenue per quarter, then the entire year beforehand.

Search Criteria  $1M - $3M EBITDA  5 years or older  Companies not sensitive to economic cycles  Good reputation and track record  Geographic preference: Southeastern States (Maryland, Virginia & Florida)  Opportunity to improving processes by leverage technology.

Industries • Heavy Equipment & ‘Industrial’ Services (B2B) businesses • Residential/Home Services businesses – • Light Manufacturing &Warehousing • Transportation

Hope to chat soon.