Hello everyone,

Excited to dig into what appears to be a ton of information here. I stumbled on the acquisition entrepreneurship strategy after reading the book "Buy Then Build" by Walker Deibel. I had started and failed a couple of different e-commerce businesses, and after looking at a lot of the risks that are incurred with a completely new business, turned to acquisition as a way to balance risk. I work full-time as a digital marketer, primarily in the paid media and account management disciplines although I have experience across a broad spectrum of areas. I also maintain a slowly growing digital marketing consultancy as a side hustle.

I'm split between using my own money to fund an acquisition, or pursuing the search fund model and focusing on larger deal sizes than I might be able to pursue alone.

I'm also very curious to hear if anyone has opinions on the impact an MBA might have, as I am currently looking hard at a number of MBA programs, primarily in the Washington DC area (most likely Georgetown, although they don't have a lot of search fund infrastructure that I can find).

I'm getting used to the search function and am using that to dig up any old threads. In the mean time, any help or insight is appreciated, thank you!