Hi everyone! I've posted and commented on here a few times and wanted formally introduce myself.

My name's Ahmed and I have a background in buying, selling, and building online businesses, notably eCommerce, SaaS, and affiliate businesses. I started this journey almost ten years ago when I bought my first software business and since then, I've purchased a few more with personal capital, other investors, and also started and exited a PE fund that was focused on eCommerce and SaaS acquisitions. I've also led operational and technical due diligence at a few private equity funds in the past.

Currently, I run Rapid Diligence (https://rapiddiligence.com) where we focus on operational, technical, and financial due diligence for our clients, as well as helping clients find online businesses and leading them through the due diligence, migration, and closing process. I currently lead operational and technical due diligence and we have a highly experienced M&A CPA who leads financial due diligence (including Quality of Earnings). If you ever have any questions about an acquisition, feel free to message me on here or email me at --@----.com Really excited to be a part of this community and to chat more with you all!