Hello Everyone,

I recently joined the Searchfunder community, and would like to introduce myself and my company, Hyperscayle. Hyperscayle is a revenue operations services firm that helps our clients define sales & marketing business process, and implement CRM and marketing automation software. We are focused on companies which are planning to grow significantly and need to establish best practice revenue operations to enable scale.

Typically a searcher is acquiring a company that has already found a strong product market fit for its products or services. However, once that is achieved, the hard work of scaling really begins. One of the biggest drivers of success after that point is the quality of your sales, marketing, and customer success business processes and the systems you use to manage them. Hyperscayle is a revenue operations company focused on companies who have reached this inflection point. Hyperscayle’s technical talent is excellent, but what really sets us apart is the way we collaborate with your team to design best practice business process and technology choices. Our consultants all come from operations teams at successful startups, so they know firsthand how to craft process and systems appropriate for each stage of a company's journey. We are technology agnostic so we will recommend the solution(s) that is best suited for your needs.

As for my personal background, I've done a lot of different things in my career thus far. My degree is in astrophysics, and my first job was building technology for the military and three letter agencies during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Then I went to business school (Darden) and worked as a consultant at Bain & Company. After Bain I got into the startup world, and prior to forming Hyperscayle worked for a SaaS company called Mendix. I joined Mendix when it was $10M in ARR, and held various sales and marketing leadership roles as we grew to >$140M ARR four years later.

We have worked with a number of searchers with great success, so I can offer this community help with sales & marketing process & systems questions. Whether you are considering what CRM to choose, thinking about how lead scoring & routing from your website should work, or are later stage and have more complex tech stack questions, I should be able to help. Feel free to reach out and we can exchange notes or set a time for an initial conversation.

Ben Mohlie