Hello everyone,

I appreciate the invite to this community a lot of really cool stuff happening here including the virutal events and of course off market deal flow.

I've been a digital marketer / eComm business owner my whole life scaling to over 7 figures from 2011 to 2019, had a mid 6 figure exit (partner buy out), started a new business in the travel hacking credit card space called though it got decimated due to covid.

Now i'm looking to buy an off-amazon eComm biz right around the $1million dollar mark on an equity split with investors with me getting 51% for 25% down and investors splitting remaining 49% for 75% down. The days of "show me the deal first' are over, the market is too competitive, I need the money in escrow first and then move fast as "cash buyer"

Originally I was going to go the SBA route but the internet business market is too competitive, and even sellers with the most mediocre businesses listed on brokerages are willing to go that route. I also only have about $250k to put in myself and buying a business that small is too risky, so hence I've decided to go the investor route.

What i'm doing is not all that different from what is up too, only I'm putting in a lot more equity in, rather than 7% for 30% profit, i'm putting in 25% for 51% profit

Anyways I hope to contribute on here, obviously I know way more about landing pages, SEO, social media and youtube then the world of micro=PE and finance but i'm learning fast.

Outside of work I enjoy everything my adopted city of Mexico City has to offer, though i'm often in the states, especially Austin. Other than that I have a very high maintanence 13 year old Daschund named Murph and enjoy studying languages and travel.

If you're more interested in my background just type my name "Freddy Lansky" in Spotify or any podcasting app and you can hear some recent interviews. I'm also very active on, Rhodium Group, Dynamite Circle and a few other spots.