I am excited to announce the launch of our traditional fund, Bazaar Ventures. Our goal is to find and acquire exciting businesses in North America through this entrepreneurial journey.

Bazaar Ventures – Our Story

Bazaar Ventures is led by Julia CHINAKAEVA and Sharf ZAFAR, who met during their MBA at INSEAD. With over 20 years of combined professional experience, they bring complementary skills in Strategy, Operations, Sales, and Marketing, positioning them well to successfully acquire and operate a business.

We are actively looking to acquire and operate a unique business in the US or Canada, and we aim to support successful business owners with their transition and succession planning. We are open to various industries but have a particular passion for B2B software, Healthcare, Retail & E/Re-commerce, and Distribution.

About the Principals

Julia CHINAKAEVA is a former figure skating champion with a background in Management Consulting. She specializes in analytics and operations, with a strong interest in retail and consumer behavior. Julia is an INSEAD MBA and, most recently, was a Manager at KPMG.

Sharf ZAFAR comes from an entrepreneurial family and has a background in corporate turnarounds and strategy. He has extensive experience in M&A and growth strategy. Sharf is an INSEAD MBA and, most recently, is the Director, Corporate Strategy at the Royal Bank of Canada.

To know more about Bazaar Ventures, our profiles, and our investment thesis, visit our website: www.bazaarventures.ca

For Mentors / Investors

We are eager to connect with Mentors & Investors who can help us on this journey. If you're interested in partnering with us, exploring potential acquisitions, or sharing valuable insights, please reach out. Let's connect and make a positive impact together.

For Brokers / Intermediaries

If you know any business owners who are considering retirement and their businesses align with our investment criteria, we would be delighted to have a conversation with you. Please visit our website to access our investment thesis.

Our Contact Details:

Julia Chinakaeva: --@----.com | 647 – 447 – 3316

Sharf Zafar: --@----.com | 416 – 896 – 6576