A quick intro as a means to connect to other searchers: I've spent the last 7 years in the military and am currently on the off ramp. I have been searching and feeling my way through the ETA wilderness since stumbling across the Polsky ETA podcast in late[redacted]With the transition from active duty coming up fast I ramped up the search process and found my company last week. Now to solidify the soft expressions of interest from investors. Since I had a full time job, I self funded this whole process. Doing so has made it far easier to maintain control of the search and time the process with my exit from the military. I will be active on this site and am always happy to chat with fellow searchers. I was so eager to go straight to the ETA route that I decided against taking time to do an MBA. I did a brief internship at an O&G AM shop late last year, but otherwise my professional experience is entirely related to the military. I'm looking forward to learning from you all and sharing some of my experience as we go forward. - Daniel