Hello Search Funder Community!

My name is Snah, and I recently took a dive into the entrepreneurship through acquisition route utilizing the search fund model. As you will see in my criteria (if you decide to stick around) my overall deal size is smaller than what is traditionally recommend. This is because I am not only looking for a consistent business but also one that have above average growth potential over[redacted]years. So what companies am I looking for? Great question! I am targeting B2B SaaS businesses and Technology first Media companies. Technology company multiples are high but to be real, I came up in the technology and software product development world. My long term vision is to build a portfolio of companies with exits coming in the form of strategic sales to outside organizations. With that being said, I have to start somewhere so here I am.

I am in the process of laying down the foundation to acquire, during this time I am looking to connect with investors and SBA lenders who would be interested in seeing deals once our sourcing is complete.

My DM's are open if you want to learn more, partner up or have any questions. If you just want to say Hi, I am always interested in meeting new people

My (Brief) Background • (Current) Product Manager at Core Digital Media (subsidiary of QuickenLoans). I lead the design, development and release of B2B Digital Marketing and CRM software applications. • Operations Analyst at ServiceTitan. I analyzed and translated data for the Customer Success umbrella of the organization. Through developing dashboards and reports in Excel, Tableau and Salesforce, my work drove insights for leadership and senior management.

The Search
• Self-funded • Broker-focused search • Open Geo (US only)
• Specific verticals

Criteria • B2B SaaS. Mission critical to its customers. • Technology focused Media. Including Evergreen content platforms, distribution and licensing, media management • EBITDA: $200K - $1.0 million (yea, you are reading that correctly)
• US Based companies

This is my first exposure to not only search funds but the overall private equity and fund management industry. I am excited to meet and learn from everyone who makes this possible..