Hello SearchFunder Community,

My name is Zaa Ahmed. I am currently based in Guildford, U.K. I am originally from the Maldives, where I practised as an attorney for 6 plus years focusing mainly on high-value hotel transactions and regulations. I recently completed my MSc. in Real Estate at the University of Reading. I am considering launching a self-funded search out of London, hopefully by November[redacted]Here is an overview of my undertaking;

I am currently in discussion with an importer/distributor (Distributor) based in the Maldives that supplies FF&E (Furniture, Fittings & Equipment) to a large network of hotels and resorts in the Maldives. The Distributor is currently seeking a potential merger/acquisition in the UK, primarily as a means of expanding into international markets and sourcing supplies to the Maldives.

Our proposed idea is to acquire a small domestic wholesaler/distributor (Target) based in the UK, through a joint venture (JV) between me and the Distributor. The Target could be dealing in product categories, including industrial cleaning products, water treatment equipment, security equipment, metal fittings, etc. The Target's TEV should ideally be in the range of £ 1 million - £ 750 k, with strong profitability and cash flow track record. Target should also have the potential to expand through international trade and add value to the existing operations. I will primarily be running the search on behalf of the JV. Post-acquisition, I will be taking over as the overseas partner based in the U.K.

I have found the content on this platform to be extremely helpful. I intend to share any relevant insights that I may have as I go along and contribute as much to the community.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me, should you have any further questions about the above. Thank you.