My name is Josh Kaemmerer. I have a background in public accounting across multiple industries ranging from oil & gas to manufacturing and distribution. Most recently, I have spent 4 years with Wells Fargo working with their interest rate risk management group.

During COVID, I worked on a start-up with a friend that we were able to bootstrap for almost two years before running out of runway with development costs exceeding what we are able to bring in to sustain the product market fit phase. However, through that experience, I really solidified my desire to break out on my own and forge my own path as an entrepreneur. I am currently self funded and interested in making connections with equity and debt providers in the community and St. Louis area.

I'm searching for a business in the St. Louis area because I call this area home and my network here will help me be most successful. I'm interested in pursuing any business that has a positive growth, margin and free cash flow profile, as long as I can quickly and easily understand and get behind the industry.

I've connected with a couple individuals in the area to talk about their experience in search, but would love to meet for coffee or have a call with anyone else!