Howdy y'all!

I've spent the last 5 years starting and growing a sales/engineering/distribution office for a European company, HTS. As part of a growth strategy, I have started looking for relevant acquisitions related to steel, injection molding, heat treatment, engineering, and technical services, focused on Main Street and Lower Middle Market companies. My formal education is in Nuclear Engineering and Materials Science, though my main research focus was on metal Additive Manufacturing.

I've made a lot of mistakes in the last 5 years of starting and growing a business around a new technology. Before HTS, my first startup was a bust. I like the Acquisition model better, and I am open to meeting new Partners that can help me in the next 5 years!

I am focused on doing my own search, looking at companies that I know from business relationships, trade shows, personal connections. I know a number in the TN market, and I am slowly reaching out to owners personally.

I've put in our first LOI on a plastics fabrication related company, hoping to close this before end of March. Had a second LOI rejected for an out-of-state buy. Looking to repeat this process within our niche.

I'm here to learn about challenges and get advice from some in the community that have done this before.

DM me or email me if you have an opportunity or think we can help each other in some way.

Type of Search • Self-funded • Self-driven, self-researched search • Targeted geographies, markets

• TN (preferred, where I currently live)
• TX (preferred, where I'm from)

Criteria • Light or heavy manufacturing; steel, injection molding, heat treatment, engineering, and technical services • Turnarounds OK, with owner financing component, Earnout • EBITDA: $0-$1 million