Hi All,

My name is Markus, and I am looking to raise a Germany-focused traditional search fund.

Just very briefly about my background - I am originally from Germany. After university and two years working for Bayer, I went to business school and then spent about 11 years at Barclays Capital and Credit Suisse in London, investing in European mid-caps. After banking, I co-owned a London-based economic consultancy. I sold my stake at the end of last year and started exploring the idea of launching a search fund.

I have spoken to a lot of searchers and just started reaching out to a few investors. I received my first firm commitment last week. I am really excited about launching the fund and think this is a great time to look for and acquire a German SME / “Mittelstand” company.

I just wanted to introduce myself here. If anyone's interested in talking a bit more or would like to see my PPM, please reach out to me.

Kind regards,