Greetings community!

My name is Edward Diogu, Managing Director of Filion Capital. I am new to the search fund community in general. However, after much research I feel this model compliments my skillset. I have a passion for building teams and companies and am looking to connect with investors and others searchers across the country in general and in the DFW metroplex in particular. A Dallas native, I hold an MBA with a concentration in Strategic Management and a mention in Finance from the Texas Southern University Jesse H. Jones School of Business and a Bachelors degrees in Liberal Arts and Business Management from the University of Texas at Austin. I have over twenty years of experience working with start-ups and growth companies in a number of industry verticals and in several functional areas — from operations to sales to finance. This rich background of experience will allow me to differentiate myself from traditional private equity firms, and to transform companies by maximizing their values over the long-term. My search: Target: I am seeking to leverage my experience and finance background to acquire a company in $2-$4mm EBITDA / $8-$50mm Enterprise Value. Geographically, I am open to businesses in the US and Canada but particularly in Texas. I am industry agnostic but there are a few industries I would love to take a serious look at. What I need: I am seeking advisors and partners of all stripes. If you have expertise in the following I am more than happy to connect: Brokers, Lenders, CPA, fellow searchers and Investors All potential partners are urged to contact me directly at [redacted]

Best Regards, Edward