Andri Teneqexhi - Senior Associate, Sargent & Lundy
I am very excited to join this community and I am looking forward to learning more about different aspects of search funds. My background is in Electrical Engineering and I have 6 years of experience in the consulting engineering services industry. My focus has been in the power sector and I have been involved in various medium and high voltage substation projects. In addition, I am a professional licensed engineer in the state of Illinois.

Last year, in December 2020, I graduated from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. While at Booth, I was one of the Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition club co-chair for over a year and I contributed to the club in different ways. Since I have discovered the ETA model, I was convinced that it was the path I wanted to follow post-graduation. I am currently looking for sponsored search opportunities. If you know of any opportunities, please feel free to reach out.

I look forward to being a part of this community and expanding my network in the search fund world.