Hi everyone - great to meet you. Wanted to give a really quick intro -- I’m a self-funded searcher seeking to buy, lead, and grow a B2B Manufacturing or Services company with $500k - $900k in SDE in the greater Austin, Texas area.

I love to help entrepreneurs so please let me know if there's anything I can do to be helpful!
Of course, I'm interested in deal flow but also will be looking for investors depending on deal size. Please reach out at any time.
I have a background in launching, growing, and operating my own company as well as starting and expanding technology businesses within a large organization. I have a niche for developing deep B2B customer relationships to accelerate growth and achieve financial results. Finally, I have an extensive background in providing services to improve operational efficiency. I'm known by others as a no-nonsense, servant leader with a strong work ethic, bias for action, integrity, and deep empathy and relatability with all employees.