Good morning!

First off, thank you to the team at for putting together this incredible resource. Further, thank you to the searchers and investors I've had the pleasure of meeting thus far.

I'd like to formally introduce myself to the community. My name is Schuyler Lofberg and I am an operator. After saving the down-payment while working within the advertising industry in NYC (which feels like an oxymoron), I negotiated and purchased a Papa John's franchise in Western, NY. At the time, I was the youngest owner in their system. In two years I developed from a single store owner/operator into a multi-unit franchisee with five total stores representing the market. During my tenure, I was fortunate enough to grow the organization double digits YoY. The growth came from a simple three-prong approach; get the staffing right, smooth the operation, promote like crazy. This is not to say it was easy, I've also managed through crisis and am happy to talk about it all. Ultimately, it was an incredible education that I hope to bring to search. Which brings me to today.

Dark Island is a traditional search fund predominately targeting business services and healthcare opportunities, though opportunistic to a degree. It is currently in it's initial raise, has received its first sponsor commitment, has interest from other investors, and is seeking more. Would love to speak with investors and searchers alike. I love the comradery of the space. Feel free to message me here or contact me via [redacted] hunting,