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Mineola Search Partners is a firm that invests in Search Funds, the entrepreneurs who run them, and the companies that they acquire.

Prior to Mineola, Steve was the CEO of Microdea, a document management and workflow automation software company serving the transportation and logistics industry. Steve acquired the business from its original founders in 2014, and successfully sold the company to a strategic acquirer in 2020 after having served as its CEO for approximately seven years. During Steve’s tenure as CEO, Microdea’s equity value quadrupled, providing his investors with a 20% compounded annual return on their original investment. In his first 5 years as CEO, Steve doubled company revenue, achieving a ~15% compound annual growth rate, leading to Microdea being named as one of Canada’s fastest growing businesses for four consecutive years between 2014 – 2017. Since that point, he led the company’s transformation towards a subscription revenue model, growing revenue from recurring sources from ~40% of total revenue in 2014 to ~80% in###-###-#### He helped grow the company’s customer base to include 80% of Canada’s largest trucking companies, and one-third of North America’s largest logistics companies. Under his leadership, Microdea was ranked as one of Canada’s best places to work for 4 consecutive years between 2017 – 2020, when the company was named as the 46th best place to work in Canada for all companies with fewer than 100 employees. Upon his departure from the company in 2020, Steve had a 100% CEO approval rating on

Steve received his MBA from Harvard Business School, and his BBA from Wilfrid Laurier University, where he graduated with distinction.

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