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This international company has been around since 1995, and in that time has been able to establish a diversified clientele base made up of only 30% local and regional clients and 70% international clients! This has been possible thanks to their 64 experienced staff members including 5 management board members and 33FT and 26PT workers operating in graphic design, client relations, media analysis, web services, social media, administration, editing, and outreach. With this excellent chain of command, the owner has been able to transition to a completely passive ownership with no billable hours. This top internationally recognized media management and marketing agency currently has a profit margin of 29%. The highly regarded team provides top to bottom media communications services including advising, training and education, graphic design, as well as crisis management. The Seller, currently operating in an oversight capacity, is also willing to remain on as GM (if desired) for 3 years post-sale. This would ensure a smooth transition for not only clients but staff as well. Completing over 5,000 projects in the past two decades, strategic creativity abounds amongst this team of 64. This well-trained and educated team run day-to-day operations effectively while the owner is meeting with clients both in and out of the country and no billable hours. Though a new owner would not need to travel, the team frequently travels locally, regionally, and internationally. Fully equipped with beautiful furniture and fixtures, as well as cutting edge professional tools, the building is owned by the seller and is available for continued lease. At a purchase price of $1,500,000 and a down payment of $300,000, a buyer would see a return of $308,766 in the first year after debt payments! This business is established and ready for a new owner to step in!

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Sofia, Bulgaria
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