I have a fantastic deal under LOI, and seeking guidance and pointers from this group. High level:
- Niche manufacturing with some moat
- Tight working capital
- 4 strong, growing, ecommerce properties
- another 4 small but steady ecommerce properties
- ~$2.5MM EBITDA, growing at 10-15%/yr
- In business for 10+ yrs
- Solid balance sheet in factory equipment and fast-turning (6x/yr) inventory
- 100 employees, many in-role for 5+ years
- Fantastic operator in hand, plus I am keeping the seller in a minority position indefinately
- I personally have relevant industry experience

However, it is based in Europe, which is proving to be a hurdle for some of my current capital partners. Do any in this group either participate in international debt, know good people for international debt, or have familiarity with a structure that would make this lendable in the US? I believe myself to be a reasonably capable sponsor with a number of successful companies under my belt, for what that's worth.

Would appreciate any thoughts/guidance.