63 new deals were added on Interexo since Apr 23. You can see a few of the latest deals below: 

Health & Personal Wellness Ecommerce Brand NA, US, Southeast, FL Cash Flow: $2,300,000 Revenue: $7,800,000 

Structural Steel Fabricator NA, US, Midwest, IL Cash Flow: $770,000 Revenue: $12,100,000 

Multi-location Bariatric Clinic and Surgery Centers NA, US EBITDA: $6,600,000 Revenue: $18,000,000 

Government Contractor NA, US, Northeast, MD Cash Flow: $5,700,000 Revenue: $55,000,000

Car Wash & Lube NA, US, Northeast, NY Cash Flow: $1,050,000 Revenue: $3,300,000 

Specialty Retail Pharmacy – Multiple Locations NA, US, Northeast EBITDA: $2,100,000 Revenue: $62,600,000 

Wholesale/Distribution/ManufacturingCompany NA, US EBITDA: $2,800,000 Revenue: $13,700,000 

Reference Laboratory NA, US, West, CA Cash Flow: $3,600,000 Revenue: $13,200,000 

Residential Property Management 1700 doors NA, US, Southwest, AZ Cash Flow: $2,000,000 Revenue: $11,300,000 

Consumer Product Brand in Travel with Patents NA, US, Northeast, NY EBITDA: $3,300,000 Revenue: $11,000,000 

Commercial Moving and Storage Co. NA, US, Southeast, FL Cash Flow: $1,400,000 Revenue: $2,100,000 

Receptacle Box Manufacturing & Distribution NA, US, Southeast, FL Cash Flow: $2,700,000 Revenue: $19,400,000 

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