I am new to the platform and happy to join this community.

I'm in the process of transitioning my career into Private Equity; more specifically, I would like to join a PE firm in mid market within the consumer sector, as an Operating Partner. I can make a positive impact on portfolio businesses from deal flow to due diligence to operating growth execution.

Most recently, I guided a materials data startup through a pivot from a product company to a SaaS company as the Chief Growth Officer and have now transitioned to the Advisory Board. Previously, I served 20 years leading and growing consumer businesses, ranging from $50M to $225M, for brands such as Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein (PVH Corp). Thus, I offer rare & valuable perspectives and growth strategies ranging from both startup to large cap public company best-practices.

I have a deep understanding of sales, marketing, pricing, distribution, product development, GTM strategy, D2C multi channel technology stacks, and how this all connects with supply chain and manufacturing, to work in unison, to accelerate growth for successful brands and companies.
I would appreciate the opportunity to connect, share my value proposition and how I can benefit your firm within the consumer sector.

Certainly open to suggestions, advice and referrals on how to best make this transition.

Please DM me if you would like to speak further.

Much appreciated,