Irriland Corporation is a B2B niche wholesale distributor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company is engaged in supplying irrigation, water management, landscape accent lighting, and landscape eco-system equipment. Our tech products are demanded by high-end professional contractors for creating beautiful landscapes and luxury outdoor living projects. The landscape supply distribution segment of the green industry is a highly desirable market. The company has a strong cash-flow position, and it continues to grow revenues and earnings by delivering high-quality professional grade products. The specialty business has realized 45% gross margin and has maintained an average growth rate of 38% for the past three years. We are seeking an acquisition group or a strategic investor to add value by expanding the model and developing additional territories. The demand for the high-end equipment remains high and is forecasted to grow through 2026 per the IBIS report.

Currently, we serve residential and light commercial professional contractors. We're a turnkey supply segment needed for luxury outdoor living projects. Irriland’s vendor partners are world class manufacturers, and our product-line is a professional grade equipment, only available through the wholesale distribution channel. We’re focused on combining resources and creating momentum with our vendor partners to meet the needs of our high-end design/build contractor accounts. Furthermore, we’re always aiming toward sustainable development opportunities to steer stakeholders in creating beautiful landscapes, eco-friendly environments, and economic growth.

I’m interested in selling a stake in my company to build the platform. I’m trying to start a new chapter and work out the details for our growth plan, Based on my stage of life, I know that I can’t do it all by myself. I need a strategic partner to implement the growth plan. Consolidating independent distributors like us and growing through multiple acquisitions is a proven model to add value quickly. I have a big network in the green industry and there are hundreds of independent distributors available as acquisition targets. We need resources to create a platform company; a team to operate multiple locations and a team for further acquisitions. Furthermore, there is also a very significant online sale segment which we have not yet focused on. Our business model needs the strategic support, IT infrastructure, and investment to capture the next growth trajectory. By utilizing our proven model, our market standing of 27 years, and moving towards a proven buy-and-build vision, your group can infuse the energy this business needs to continue its growth. Eventually, I would like to see a young and energetic team completely takeover the platform company. This is my vision, and such an opportunity comes only once in a lifetime.

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