Interest rate environment not stopping buyers from purchase financing established money-making businesses via direct SBA preferred business acquisition financing.

These established businesses had business owners/sellers who prepared to exit years prior, adjusted during the pandemic, survived all markets, which reaped them success to sell to a qualified buyer/new owner:

-$2.2M Franchise staffing agency
-$3.5M Chiropractic clinic
-$3.8M Manufacturing business with owner-occupied CRE
-$990k Franchise cleaning company
-$1.9M Tool & die business with owner-occupied CRE
-$700k Juicery cafe restaurant

I wanted to send the message to all, that even though some may say, it’s gloom and doom; for others it’s a BOOM!!

Positive mindset is everything.

The right business sellers and business buyers get it!

Cheers to all here on SearchFunder!