Seeking capital.
DenTen Insurance Services, named after the founder’s daughters - Denise and Tenley, is a heart-led, mission-driven, independent P&C agency, with a strong company culture. Committed to donating a portion of their revenue to nonprofits to create a positive impact on the local and global communities they serve. Their employees live by and embody the values of Integrity, Transparency, Service, and Compassion. DenTen is in the market to acquire P&C insurance agencies with revenues of $1 - 5 million in NY, CT, and/or PA. They are also meeting with individuals ready to invest $250k to 1M. If you, or someone you know, could benefit from meeting with Michael Esposito - Founder and CEO of DenTen, kindly respond or forward this email. Please be sure to copy Feel free to send over some dates or book a meeting with him here: > < You can learn more about DenTen here: I appreciate your time and thoughts on this.

New York State, USA
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