Hi All -

Am looking at a deal under LOI via a friend with specs as follows. Email me at --@----.com if you are interested in learning more and participating and I will introduce you.

  • $3.5M equity check. $2.2M left. I will likely invest.
  • Searcher has to make a $200k down payment on 5/7 to keep exclusivity (time sensitive)

  • Civil construction and infrastructure company providing water pipe, sewer, and street reconstruction projects for residential and municipal clients in good Rockies geography
    - Benefits from increase in infrastructure spend and a low interest rate environment
  • In 2020, the company generated $18.4M in revenues and $2.0M in EBITDA with $9.1M in assets.
  • In 2021, the company is on track to generate $23.2M in revenues and $2.6M in EBITDA.
  • The purchase price is for $10.5M with $5.0M in debt financing, seller financing of 2.75M, and $3.48M in Equity.
  • Searcher is signing personal guarantees on bank debt and seller financing.