Looking for a buyer.
For the past 30 years NONWOVEN (or “The Company”) has been raising the standard for industrial fabrics and nonwovens services. They serve a wide range of industries including commercial and residential construction, automotive, and packaging. The Company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and focuses on creating custom solutions for manufacturers. Customer concentration is low (no one customer exceeding 10% of revenue) and has a diversified Growth over the years has come from organic means. Customers usually work with Nonwoven for 5-10 years. With just over 80 employees and a newly developed executive team, the current owners are now seeking a succession plan. The best scenario would be to find a buyer that can provide not only capital, but the talent to continue to grow the company. The owners want to keep a portion of the equity and then help build the company to its second exit.

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Southeastern US
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