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In August of 2022, the Senate passed that there will be major tax credits for renewable energy. This company consults with and provides solar power equipment, then installation for renewable energy power. They do not self-perform any of the labor, allowing them to maintain a profit margin over 20% year over year. Because of their niche services they are to work with commercial businesses, industrial municipalities, agricultural farms, nonprofit organizations, and schools. The current team includes 6 core employees: 1 project manager, 1 project coordinator/client liaison, 2 business development associates, 1 sales manager, and 1 outside sales rep. Outside of this core team, they hire and coordinate subcontractors in the area for labor. Thanks to the size of this team and installation strategy, the overhead costs have been kept low by operating out of a modest 4,200 square foot office space and very minimal equipment CapEx. They operate in Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, and Illinois. This company signs only 25% of their contracts in Q1; they currently have over $3M in signed contracts, which would have annualized revenue reaching $12M! The majority (50%) of their contracts are signed in Q4. Thanks to their skilled team, including a sales manager and sales reps, this business-to-business company has no trouble finding new clients. The recently passed US Infrastructure Bill will directly and positively impact this company. Additionally, the continued push for green energy will organically push this industry. The current owner is looking to phase out over a 1-3 year transition period and is willing to roll equity of 10%, plus offer a 10% promissory note. We believe that this shows good faith in the future success of the business and mitigates risk to the future owner!

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