I start with number five, FoundersSuite.com, a tool that connects to Crunchbase and provides access to accredited investors.

Number four is LinkedIn, where investors can be found through connections and engagement.

Number three is SearchFunder.com, a social media platform for search funders, SMB investors, intermediaries, lenders, and private equity firms.

Number two is SMBJunction.com, a platform for investors in the SMB acquisition world.

And finally, number one is MainShares.com, a registered broker dealer network that provides access to investors through a paid service.

I strongly emphasizes the importance of having a good deal under LOI before reaching out to investors and advises using all five methods to cast a wide net.


01:52 Foundersuite

03:50 Linkedin

05:02 Searchfunder

07:37 SMBJunction

10:43 Mainshares

12:16 Need Help?