Hi All,

I am a self-funded searcher, and I would like to fundraise £2.2mm of preferred equity for a HR software company under LOI, headquartered near London. The Company has £1.8mm of revenues, £1.1mm of LTM Jul-23 Reported EBITDA (61% margin) and £1.4mm of Adjusted EBITDA (80% margin). The upfront purchase price is £5.5mm, or 5x LTM Jul-23 Reported EBITDA, or 4.0x FYE Dec-23 Reported EBITDA.

The Company has very attractive characteristics: 85% recurring revenues, 3-year customer contracts, 92% customer retention, negative working capital (i.e. upfront annual payments), and nearly 0% Cost of Goods (i.e. highly scalable software product). We are in LOI, have secured debt financing, and we'd like to complete the transaction in 2 months.

If anyone is interested, please email me at --@----.com or please DM me if you have any suggestions! The terms will deviate from traditional search terms. Thank you so much.