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Envisioned and developed by a long-time identity governance solutions expert, the Company has developed a principles-driven software solution for IGA compliance. A critical piece of cybersecurity policy, Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) is the single largest vulnerable surface area for enterprise-level businesses and continues to be an attack vector. This software actively and automatically manages this vector of attack and provides the necessary documentation to disproof malfeasance in the event of an audit or breach. The Company has a complete and viable software service and current clients with a strong track record of retention. The software has been deployed on client networks since 2020 and has been continuously improved. The software service is SOC Type 2 Certified and has completed over 3.5 million attestations. It allows clients to automatically maintain compliance with complex regulations, including NIST, SOX, HIPAA/HITRUST, CMMC, and others. The Founder believes this software is a critical service offering differentiator for Managed Service Providers. Cybersecurity offerings fall short for large public and private enterprises across the MSP industry. Typically, an IGA audit has been relegated to professional service firms like “Big 4” Accounting firms and other management consulting firms (Bain, McKinsey, Mercer). This software, however, empowers MSPs not only significantly to reduce the risk of cybersecurity threats but also replaces the need for costly manual compliance and allows the MSP to position themselves as a trusted advisor to key decision makers – reducing client attrition (automatic “career-ending” risk mitigation is a helluva drug) and increasing perceived value. Additionally, software providers with existing enterprise relationships may find the software service uniquely attractive; comparable B2B non-software services catered to IGA compliance are primarily conducted with spreadsheets and manpower and consequently incur significant costs. The exceptional challenge of navigating software architecture and mandated legal compliance obligations provides a substantial moat. The Founder is looking for an Interested Party with a plan or strategy for distributing this professional software-as-a-service and is open to creative deal structures to align values and incentives for all shareholders. A complete breakdown of the current operations and solution capabilities is provided for Interested Parties. NDA required to receive a comprehensive Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) crafted by ProNova Partners. Detailed Information Facilities: The company is based in southern California, but the service is entirely remote-first. An interested party may maintain the current premises or pull the current team into their office strategy. Competition: The Company’s primary competitors include large professional services firms that charge project rates for compliance audits and software platform vendors that provide professional services to accomplish similar compliance objectives. The CIM offers a full breakdown of competitors. Growth & Expansion: The initial users of this service are large organizations that know they have weak spots below the waterline in terms of identity management. The service cost structure allows any networked organization to become a client. Financing: TBD if the structure and terms are acceptable. Support & Training: The Founder and team are committed to being flexible in a transaction and are open to all proposed outcomes, including retention, a full exit, or something in between. Reason for Selling: The Founder has completed his mission of solving this industry issue and would like to return capital to investors and bring the service to the broader market.

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