I was talking to seller scared to death of taxes - he is not a fan of how the government spends money. I reached out to Eric Moore for a few talking points to help him.

I am not going to get into the details of each - reach out to Eric for that.

  1. Sell it as stock sale
  2. Sell partnership interest
  3. Make it an Sellers Note installment sale
  4. Reinvest, within 180 days, your proceeds in an Opportunity Zone
  5. If his business is structured as a C Corporation, he could qualify for the Section 1202 QSBS exclusion where up to $10M of gains can be excluded from Federal taxation
  6. Charity: If he is charitable, he may consider giving assets to charity (direct to charity or a DAF) to receive a tax deduction.
  7. Depending on where he lives, he might consider move to a lower tax state.
  8. Establish “Incomplete” Nongranator Trusts (INGs) in a tax favored state. If he establishes a trust in say Delaware, Nevada or Wyoming

Probably more, that is just 8.

If you have got sellers with exit tax implication questions, reach out to Eric Moore