Here are the results !

I have 14 leads Leads to me is People who have said yes I may be interested in selling now or in the future.

4/14 leads actually fit my criteria of $500k in EBITA
On the West Coast Want to sell within the next 3-9 months

The rest of the leads were interested but wanted to wait, or their EBITA was too low for me to consider their company

I am having more in depth conversations with the qualified leads over the next few days to see where it goes.

My marketing Channels have been Cold Calling —12 leads Cold email —2 leads

My team sends out around 100 personalized cold emails everyday. With a Mixture of AI and a VA we make sure all the emails are personalized.

I cold call for 1-3 hours a day myself

My team pulled the lists that we are marketing to from Datazap, Direct Skip, Google and we are working on enriching some of them with Apollo.

I have a more complex cold email and direct mail sequence warming up right now as well.

Biggest take away so far Email is not what I thought it would be, but it will soon be on a decent scale, working on auto pilot with very little oversight or overhead.

Even if email only generates 2 leads a week. It takes little to no effort on my end.

Hardest thing so far Getting good data on the size of companies I could have eliminated a lot of conversations that I had with 1-4 man shows that didn’t make sense.

Most surprising
A lot of people on the podcasts i have been listening to talk about how saturated the market is.
I have asked the majority of the leads how many calls are they getting, most of them say only a few a year. Some of them have said that last year their phone was blowing up and this year its been significantly lower call volume.