A few days ago, I landed in Florida post-Babson MBA and found myself in an amazing business-oriented and vibrant city to continue my ETA journey.

Support in this journey is unique in how the community can share know-how and key recommendations. I would love to build a strong network and connect with local searchers, attend events, join virtual groups, and find local mentors who have experience in the search fund landscape in Miami.

Please post your top resources, contacts, people willing to help, or recommendations by topic, such as events and key facts that one must know to navigate the vibrant Search Fund environment in Miami!

BIG THANK YOU for your input!

Seeking recommendations about the ETA Community in Miami: Resources and Events

EVENTS - Local ETA Conferences and Networking?

CENTERS/ACCELERATORS - Entrepreneurship Centers, Incubators, Accelerators: Institutions such as The Miami Entrepreneurship Center?

ONLINE PLATFORMS - Online Platforms and Social Media Groups: Platforms like LinkedIn host groups specifically dedicated to ETA in Miami. Blogs, podcasts, and literature specifically catering to ETA?

Motivating info:

Miami's Search Fund Environment facts and numbers show a growing trend. In the last five years, Miami has seen a 25% increase in search fund activity, reflecting the city's growing appeal to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Investment Opportunities: The region hosts over 150 private equity firms and family offices actively looking for investment opportunities in search fund-led acquisitions.

Success Rate: Miami's search funds have an impressive 60% success rate in closing deals, slightly above the national average.

Industry Focus: The predominant industries targeted include technology, healthcare, and hospitality, which collectively make up 70% of the search fund deals in Miami.

My interests for now include, but are not limited to, technology, retail, and hospitality