After multiple messages urging me to be here...I am here and super excited. Let me introduce myself!

My name is Nunzio Presta and I'm a former pro hockey player turned entrepreneur, and for over 15 years I've been super active in the business and startup community across Canada and the USA.

I'm currently serving as the CEO of - an online platform where people can buy and sell all types of businesses. We've been at it since 2012 seeing over $3b in transaction volume. The ETA conversation a decade ago was pretty silent compared to today. I'm so happy to see momentum building within the ETA space - it's great for jobs, it's great for legacy businesses and it's great for local communities around the world. Since 2012 we've had the same goal: to empower people to love what they do and we know that business ownership is a viable path towards that, so every day we're working on features and building a community that makes Business Ownership Real. Two recent projects that excite me:

1. Full Serve: the first automated and digitized purchase and sale solution. You can learn more here:

2. Our Affiliate program - if you have access to a network of buyers, you can monetize it. You can signup here

Moreover, I've been recognized as a Top 10 Alumni in the Past 10 Years by the Ted Rogers School of Management and was also recognized as an Emerging Leader by Peak Media.

I hold a Bachelor of Commerce from the Ted Rogers School of Management and currently reside north of Toronto, Canada with my family and dog Teddy.

I'm looking forward to connecting with you all and adding as much value to this community as possible. If you have any tips or best practices for me, please leave a comment. If you're active on Twitter, give me a follow there as well: